Jul 30, 2010

Balm for the Soul??

I went to visit my friend today @ the hospital after school. She's finally able to get some food/drink into her system, but she's still in A LOT of pain & they STILL aren't 100% sure what is wrong with her, but they have figured out a few things that she DOESN'T have. LOL. God Bless my friend, she cheered me up just as much as I cheered her up. The sad thing is, you REALLY find out who your friends are when you get sick. We thought SO many people would notice her absence, and no one has really asked me about her lately??

These last 200 hours are taking FOREVER it feels like. I'm SO CLOSE, but yet SO FAR! I'm counting them down by day now, instead of by week. Still about 3 weeks left to go...

Sending out my first resume to my #1 pick of salons to work @ tomorrow...wish me luck...

More to come!


Jul 29, 2010

Updates...This Prodigal Kitty has Returned! LOL!


Major things have happened since my last post: I only have about 4 weeks left of school & I graduate, my Dad suffered what we thought was a stroke, but it turned out to be Bells Palsy (He's Fine! Thank God!) I've been working on a "picture a day" program that I started back at the end of May. I turned 31 in June, and my Aunt Cathy's Children's Book is REALLY starting to do well. She's getting it in front of the right people, and she's hitting the Local Art Fair circuit (If you see her, GO AND BUY THE BOOK!) It's called "Lukas" and her name is Cathy Carroll. Tell her that "Kitty" sent you.

I've worked on a few fashion events assisting my friend, & doing Hair/Make-Up for another group of friends. Getting some great shots out of it for my port, only have a few so far, but I will post a link of what I have soon.

That being said, what photo service do you guys like to use? Flickr, Picassa, Photo Bucket, Snapfish?? Not really sure who to go with, so suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

I'm doing some chores around the house before I go into school this afternoon, & I have to visit a friend @ the hospital when I'm done w school. PLEASE pray for her!

More soon-ish...I Promise!