Mar 27, 2010

Lost, but Now? Found

Whew! It's been a bit, but I had a VERY GOOD reason for dropping off of The Blogosphere! You see, we've relocated! A lovely little house is now ours! (The Hubster & I, that is!) The keys were turned into our old place a little over a week ago, & we moved in about 3 weeks ago! On top of all the moving shenanigans, I'm STILL going 2 school, studying, practicing, & trying 2 find a job!

Sadly, there's been NO time for Art, well, other than the hairstyling variety! Though, I have made a few purchases! This will have to change soon, as I have to "create" my hair portfolio! This WILL BE.a scrapbook, of course! I've been taking A TON of pics on the new phone I got! iPhone, how did I EVER get along without you?

That's going 2 have to tide y'all over for now! Imma getting.very.sleepy!

Mar 11, 2010

A-ha Moments...

So, the ups & downs from moving have made me ponder life's little quirks. Things have been surreal. I'm back inthe same area that I spent the better part of my life in, BUT I'm SO different now, I feel like a different person! This IS a good thing, I have always thought that life (at least MY life) moves in a circular pattern. I'm starting a new chapter of my life! I'm really @ peace with being in my 30's. I'm in a much better place then when I was in my 20's! Although, they did give me answers 2 major burning issues that I had with myself!

The house is REALLY coming together QUITE nicely! We still have QUITE a bit 2 do, but everytime we get a box unpacked & put away or a room completed, and the layout of things figured out it makes me swell with happiness! the fam on thier way over & I need 2 change & whatnot, are the 2 things I'm seriously pondering lately...

Do you think X year plans are a waste of time, or useful?

The other big thing I'm dwelling on is...

If u died 2day, what do u think ur legacy would be? And what is my legacy currently?

As always, your comments are appreciated!

Mar 6, 2010

Ready to ATTACK this weekend!

Quick update....

Getting packing done at an alarming rate, but NOT fast ENOUGH...for hubster and me. We r impatents!

Couldn't sleep really great last night, due to my excitement at moving, and it also didn't help that everytime I started to doze completely off I would wake up hacking and coughing. LEAVE ME ALONE UPPER RESPIRATORY SYSTEM! Then again, I was hootin' and hollerin' A LOT yesterday. (One of my buds from school graduated yesterday, and I was being silly with friends, being cooped up in a classroom on Fridays is MISERABLE! The good news is that starting next week, our class schedule is changing, so no more classroom on Fridays!)

Did a spiral perm with bender rods, and watched a few Paul Mitchell DVD's in class, along with learning a new color technique yesterday! It dawned on me that I do not have any pics of my school, so I took a few of the outside of the building, and I was walking to my vehicle on lunch, and spotted a cool photo concept, so I snapped that too!

Today feels like Christmas! We are ALMOST finished packing (my arms haven't fallen off yet!) and we are getting NEW mobile phones today! Goodbye Verizon Wireless! I HATE YOUR CRAPPY EMO PHONES AND SHITTY CUSTOMER SERVICE! Hello AT & T and IPhone!

The camera's supposed to be pretty decent on the Iphone, so I will add a pic later to this post...

Also, I felt the need to get pampered a bit, so I clocked out after lunch the other day (after getting my mani!) and got my hair did! I had A LOT of faded and root-age showing...that irritates me! So I need to post up a new pic of my 'do! My friend Heather that I go to school with ROCKED OUT my color & cut! It was EXACTLY perfect, and the shampoo was HEAVENLY!

OK...need to and get going...more soon my lovelies!

Another thought...I REALLY HOPE I get some time to see Alice In Wonderland this weekend! I have been waiting for it FOREVES, so just my luck that it comes out on the weekend we're moving! :'( WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!

Mar 5, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

This is turning out to be QUITE the interesting month so far...VERY roller-coaster-ish! This could be why...

March 1st I went back to Cos School from my leave. I felt rested and recharged and ready to make great hair happen! ^ - ^ I could BARELY sleep on Sunday night, and I almost burst into tears at the sight of seeing my school friends, along with my Instructors, and from the "welcome home" vibe that I got from the ones that missed me and that matter to me the most. The crappy thing is I missed a few friends graduations while I was gone!

My emotions have been all over the map this month so far, and this is only Day # 5 of March! Every time we are blessed with REALLY good news, something counter-attacks and the joy is short-lived. The ups and downs have been hitting me harder than usual too, and I'm getting more frustrated than normal. This I think is for several reasons: 1. Living out of boxes SUCKS, 2. The process of moving SUCKS 3. The weather has been kind've crappy/warm/crappy lately here! 4. I have no ME time to create Art!

Along that same line of thinking...I've been finding all these great sources of inspiration lately, and I want to get back creating, but my art supplies are half in boxes and I have NO TIME between school and moving right now!!!! I have been keeping a mini-list (I'm pretty much obsessed with lists!) about things I want to create/accomplish when the dust settles from our move. I'm planning several crops at my fav local scrapbook store later on this month. (Check out there blog some reason it won't let me hotlink it. I tried fixing it several times, but I am just too tired. Copy and paste for now please! I promise to fix it later. I has technical difficulties!

I just started to catch up with my Super Crafty friends via their blogs and Facebook, and everything that they are creating is inspiring me! I can't wait to be more settled and get to creating again...looking forward to it! I got a few books @ Scrappy Chic the other day!

My sweet husband managed to pack up our kitchen and clean out part of the bathroom in a few hours today. He also was at the new house today for a bit while the carpets were being cleaned! The basement has been cleaned out, the trash, mold, and other undesirables has now been pretty much removed from the basement, and we are ALMOST 100% finished with cleaning the house. A few more walls to wash, a small pile of items to get rid of in the basement, and another go-round with all the kitchen surfaces including the whole fridge, and we're completely done!

I really need to get to bed, and I feel like this post has been one long nonsensical rambling, so I will end it now. Serves me right I guess for trying to form coherent thoughts to post at 4:30AM! LOL!

Just wanted to pop in and check on everyone. Even though I haven't posted in a few days, my thoughts are with you!