Jun 13, 2010

Enjoying Small Things

In This Edition of Where I Stand Sunday, I'm pleased to report that since my last post, I'm still reflecting on things. The value of a true friend is something that none can measure. Only when they're gone, do you realize the price you would pay to have them back...he knew how much I don't like rain and gloom, and how often I bitch about it, so...I found this on my front porch this afternoon, when I went out for a quick cig.

I realize that you can't see my feet AGAIN, but the sight of these beauty's was like balm on a burnt-out soul. Trying to get a few things OFF of my To-Do List. So far? Eh, progress has been made, but nothing can be 100% checked off yet. I guess I should get back to work now. I got some pics uploaded, and I worked a bit more on my MM Profile, and I got some various chores done around the house. SUPER BUMMED...Going to miss the 1st Episode of the 3rd Season of True Blood tonight. For those of you who HAVE HBO...please feel free to comment below and leave a brief summary! 

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Jun 9, 2010

Letter to a Friend...

My Dearest Buddha, (Known to everyone else as Justin,)

I can't believe it has been a year since I attended your funeral, as of today. There are SO many times over the past 12 months that I have wished to talk to you, see you, laugh with you, just be with you. My heart hurts over the loss of you. 

There have been MANY moments over the past year that I wished you could be there for: New Years Eve, When we moved into our new place, for your girlfriends birthday a few weeks back, for my birthday less than two weeks away. Would you make fun of my new nickname "Kitty?" I know how much you HATED cats. Would you let me cut your hair & beard? Would you be PROUD that I FINALLY figured out what I wanted to do with my life?

I know that Kevin, my hubby misses you too. He isn't as vocal about it, and doesn't mention you as much as I do, but...a fishing buddy, camping, cooking, going hunting, the day of his graduation, I KNOW he wanted to share those times with you. We're playing D & D with his friends, and I wish you were with us for that.

The tattoo on my back, always reminds me that you are with me, sometimes I can hear your laugh on the wind, or your mocking voice in my head, or I'll see a look on Kevin that you used to give me too. 

I hope you know that we miss you still. I hope that you know that you are loved still. We looked out for TJ during the first few weeks after your death, and I still talk to her on FaceBook, Text Messages, and our Cellies. I sent your Mom a note on FaceBook, after I friend requested her today. 

Would you be proud and happy to know that if/when Kev & I have kids, we are planning on giving our son your first & middle name as a tribute? We would have named you the Godfather, I am sure of it. 

Your death has made some positive changes in me. I'm losing weight, eating better, and trying not to stress that much. I'm trying to work out some kind of exercise routine. You could pick me up really easily now, I've lost SO much weight. 

Dinner is ready, and Kev's calling me down...

I never said it enough when you were alive, I will say it now. I love you, and you were a GREAT friend. I miss you everyday!

This is the last pic I have of him while he was alive, his girlfriend TJ's birthday party.
14 days later, he was gone.

Standing on a Sunday

So for this installment of "Where I Stood" Sunday, the action was in front of my face, not down at my feet, therefore, my little piggies will NOT be making an appearance in the pics to follow.

This was pictures from a group of local bikers who were riding for a local charity for blind children in our area.

This was too cool to see, so I thought I would pass it on. About 3,000 bikes rode through town to support a great cause!

One of the MANY cool bikes that rode past our house!


My Aunt Cathy got right in the middle of the action! Cheering and hollering for the bikers!

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Jun 1, 2010

Highs and Lows...

This morning started out with REALLY great news...One of my teachers at school informed me that I am in the Top 10 of my class, therefore this grants me an audience/interview with a local salon in the area that is hiring. This THRILLED me, more than 1,000 words could express. I wish I would have taken a picture of my face! LOL! My teachers told me that it was priceless! I was SO excited for the whole day! The client that I worked on this evening was a sweetheart, and was gracious enough to let me take a picture of her when I was done with her color service tonight. She looked AMAZING & I was REALLY PROUD of how the color & style turned out. I also visited the local Community College that my school has an Ongoing Education Agreement with, and I found out what/when/how I need to go about registering for classes and whatnot for my Salon Management Degree. This was VERY exciting to me! I LOVE to learn & look forward to this!

Before my client,  I did a "Very Creative Roller Set that Incorporated 5 Pin Curls" as that was our first assignment listed on the board for "my shift" at school. I love the process of actually ROLLING the Roller Sets. The Combing Out & Styling part of them frustrates me to NO END however. I can never get it to look as good on the manikin as I can get it to look in my head. My teacher chuckled, and said that it is "MUCH easier on an actual person, (to get it to actually look good & how you WANT it to look) and that the styles I'm coming up with are GREATLY improved, as well as my execution of them. As strange as this may sound, (for as long as I have been on the floor) I have only had 3 roller sets on actual "people." Up-Do's are pretty much the same deal as well. Do them quite frequently on my Mani's, but not really EVER on a RL person! I posted this query on my FB page, and for grins I will post it on here too...If ANYONE reading this would like me to Up-Do, Roller Set, Style their hair, get a manicure, and/or get a make-up application, or some combination of the above mentioned services, contact me and let me know that you are interested. (Of course you would need to live in my neck of the woods, or within a reasonable driving distance. However, if you pay my traveling expenses I will come to you! LOL!) Please leave a comment, if you're interested. All I ask for is that I can take some pictures of whatever we do (Before & After's) for my Portfolio, and you're willing to part with some of your free time to be my um, guinea pig, for lack of a better word??

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from yas!!