Apr 25, 2010




My faith in my skills as a stylist was renewed on Friday. My friend Jake came in and let me restyle him! Above is the before and after pic! Haircut, Highlights, and Lowlights! He loved it SO much that he informed me that "I'm his stylist FOR LIFE!" He TOTALLY trusted me with everything, from the colors we chose, and we mutually agreed about the haircut! As soon as he saw the picture, he was like "Oh! I LIKE that!" It almost brings me to tears...the transformation people go through in my chair! The trust that people place in me and what I can do for them makes my heart swell to an almost BURSTING capacity!! I LOVE the before and after shots! SO MUCH SASS in those Afters! LOL!

Move-in has been complete for a little while: now it is just a matter of getting everything sorted and put away! The kitchen, bathroom, living room, and guest room are pretty much done. It's just a matter of organizing my books, and art/study areas now! Which, I started going through several boxes of books, and putting them away tonight!

All of our clothes have been sorted out, and put into clear bins for the next season, or are hanging in the closet, or put away in the drawers they have been assigned to! :D

Another exciting event happened this week: I managed to squeak out some time for "art" this week! I took a class @ Scrappy to make this REALLY COOL Kaisercraft Journal. It's still a work in progress, but I'm VERY excited about it! (pics of that to come soon!)

However, there are MORE exciting things in my world! We now have Internet in our house! YEA!!! It will be MUCH easier for me to post more regularly about events and happenings in my life now! I forgot what a pain in the BUTT it is to have no Internet at home! If we didn't have our Iphones, Kev and I would have been TOTALLY out of touch! *Shutters at the thought*

Speaking of my Dear Hubster... Kevin has an Interview with a company to be scheduled soon, this is VERY exciting my Blogging friends! Say a prayer for us! Benefits, good salary, and OVERTIME PAY! I am PRAYING SO HARD!!!

Also, another update for you...I have a JOB now! I had my interview two weeks ago, on Friday, and I'm starting training on Monday and Thursday this week!! I can't wait to start, and will fill you in on how training goes. My manager seems REALLY cool, as does the few co-workers that I have met! It will be GREAT to start working again! I'm SO EXCITED I COULD BURST...can ya tell? LOL!

AND...Next week is Kevin's LAST WEEK of school @ MSU! I'm SO PROUD as he is graduating with his Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Design. He has other plans in the works, and is planning to start another class schedule in the fall with his friend. They are working on their business plans with a zest and a fervor that I admire SO much!

That's about it for now! More to come soon!

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