Mar 27, 2010

Lost, but Now? Found

Whew! It's been a bit, but I had a VERY GOOD reason for dropping off of The Blogosphere! You see, we've relocated! A lovely little house is now ours! (The Hubster & I, that is!) The keys were turned into our old place a little over a week ago, & we moved in about 3 weeks ago! On top of all the moving shenanigans, I'm STILL going 2 school, studying, practicing, & trying 2 find a job!

Sadly, there's been NO time for Art, well, other than the hairstyling variety! Though, I have made a few purchases! This will have to change soon, as I have to "create" my hair portfolio! This WILL BE.a scrapbook, of course! I've been taking A TON of pics on the new phone I got! iPhone, how did I EVER get along without you?

That's going 2 have to tide y'all over for now! Imma getting.very.sleepy!

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