Jun 1, 2010

Highs and Lows...

This morning started out with REALLY great news...One of my teachers at school informed me that I am in the Top 10 of my class, therefore this grants me an audience/interview with a local salon in the area that is hiring. This THRILLED me, more than 1,000 words could express. I wish I would have taken a picture of my face! LOL! My teachers told me that it was priceless! I was SO excited for the whole day! The client that I worked on this evening was a sweetheart, and was gracious enough to let me take a picture of her when I was done with her color service tonight. She looked AMAZING & I was REALLY PROUD of how the color & style turned out. I also visited the local Community College that my school has an Ongoing Education Agreement with, and I found out what/when/how I need to go about registering for classes and whatnot for my Salon Management Degree. This was VERY exciting to me! I LOVE to learn & look forward to this!

Before my client,  I did a "Very Creative Roller Set that Incorporated 5 Pin Curls" as that was our first assignment listed on the board for "my shift" at school. I love the process of actually ROLLING the Roller Sets. The Combing Out & Styling part of them frustrates me to NO END however. I can never get it to look as good on the manikin as I can get it to look in my head. My teacher chuckled, and said that it is "MUCH easier on an actual person, (to get it to actually look good & how you WANT it to look) and that the styles I'm coming up with are GREATLY improved, as well as my execution of them. As strange as this may sound, (for as long as I have been on the floor) I have only had 3 roller sets on actual "people." Up-Do's are pretty much the same deal as well. Do them quite frequently on my Mani's, but not really EVER on a RL person! I posted this query on my FB page, and for grins I will post it on here too...If ANYONE reading this would like me to Up-Do, Roller Set, Style their hair, get a manicure, and/or get a make-up application, or some combination of the above mentioned services, contact me and let me know that you are interested. (Of course you would need to live in my neck of the woods, or within a reasonable driving distance. However, if you pay my traveling expenses I will come to you! LOL!) Please leave a comment, if you're interested. All I ask for is that I can take some pictures of whatever we do (Before & After's) for my Portfolio, and you're willing to part with some of your free time to be my um, guinea pig, for lack of a better word??

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from yas!!


  1. Congrats girl!! I knew you were gonna rock this...that is a creative field and you are a creative person! Great to find your niche isn't it? I am so proud of you!!! Wish I were in your neck of the woods, you could totally practice on me!!!

  2. Thanks Love! I will have to come out to your neck of the woods soon, and we'll get all dolled up & go have some fun!! ;D