Feb 23, 2010

Small Moments + Inspiration= Big Happiness

Small realizations have hit me recently, at my nephew Branko's Christening on Sunday, as I sat around assorted family & friends, I got a bit misty-eyed as I looked over and saw my nephew passed out in his stroller amidst all the chaos going on around him. People came from miles around to celebrate him. He is SUCH a loved little one. I was inspired by everything from the church, to the service, to the dancing, to THE FOOD! Whew, I ate my fill, your fill, his fill, and her fill too! ;D

I TOTALLY was wiped out from the festivities on Sunday, so I slept pretty much all of yesterday, I have a ton of pics to put up, but that will have to come sometime later.

I did FINALLY start doing some serious packing! The living room is slowly filling up with brown boxes all taped, sealed up and ready to go! I gave myself a mental kick-in-the-pants, because I feel like I have wasted SO much time since I went on my leave from school, but then I remind myself that I wasn't much use for ANYTHING until a few days ago...if I don't get sick for QUITE sometime I will be THRILLED! LOL!

Today has been a mish-mash of things...I have done a TON of laundry and put it away, I cleaned the kitchen a bit, and gave the dishwasher a good run for its money, and I started going through various spaces in the apartment to see what I could keep, donate, or pitch. I feel almost like I hit the jackpot too! I found some old photos, some jewelry that I thought I lost (my favorite necklace from my 20's, fits a bit different in my 30's, but I <3 that I can wear it again!) I also found a few things that I will be sending off to new homes, as others can use them, be it friends or complete strangers!

And now as I took a break from cleaning to have dinner, I'm playing around with Pandora Radio, and currently having a Swingin' Good time listening to the Rockabilly Revolution station. I also have sneaked a few breaks here and there to read this months copy of Creating Keepsakes and a bit more of The Artful Blogger. Now it seems as though wherever I look I see little things here and there that inspire me.

Another BIG discovery today?? (I know there was A LOT!) As I was reading through a few of the artists bios and posts in Artful Blogger I was amazed at how many others can't seem to commit to just one form of art. I can not begin to tell you what a relief that was to me. I felt like I needed to find ONE thing and stick to it, and with my personality, that's always been a no-go. So...whatever art I do, look for it on here...

So, what's your inspiration today? Did you get an A-HA! Moment with a new fun gadget, find something that you thought you lost (like your favorite old necklace?), get inspiration from a new (or old source?)

Now to do a little dance back over to cleaning up again...Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho...and Away I GO...LOL!

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  1. See I am sooo glad to read I am not the only one who can't stick to one thing either! I always read that to be successful you should pick on style or type and stick to it so you perfect it. I love doing so much more....not always a good thing cause I get bored before I finish a piece and end up with 20 projects started and nothing finished!!!