Feb 25, 2010


A few things I realized today:

673.75-More hours to complete until I graduate Cos school.

20-More days until we're in our new place...Max!

10-Days off that Kev has for Spring Break - that we are using to move into our new digs

8-More days until Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland comes out!

6-Years of Marriage completed on 10/30/10!

4-More days of my leave left until I go back to school

3-Years of marriage for my sister on 2/23/10

2-hours ago I SHOULD have been asleep

1-Sleepy Kitty who has too many #'s running through her head and too many things to do and not enough hours in the day to do them all in! Ugh!

What numbers are you crunching in your brain???


  1. busy busy busy...always tons of thing to do...those little to do list are endless...

  2. How many freakin times can I cough...and how many pounds of snot can a body produce? Sorry to be gross but I am sick....lol

  3. Rockdiva-That has been me for the past 3 weeks! Hopefully you get over it soon!

    Flor-Isn't that the truth? Good gravy! There's not enough hours in the day! Le Sigh!