Mar 11, 2010

A-ha Moments...

So, the ups & downs from moving have made me ponder life's little quirks. Things have been surreal. I'm back inthe same area that I spent the better part of my life in, BUT I'm SO different now, I feel like a different person! This IS a good thing, I have always thought that life (at least MY life) moves in a circular pattern. I'm starting a new chapter of my life! I'm really @ peace with being in my 30's. I'm in a much better place then when I was in my 20's! Although, they did give me answers 2 major burning issues that I had with myself!

The house is REALLY coming together QUITE nicely! We still have QUITE a bit 2 do, but everytime we get a box unpacked & put away or a room completed, and the layout of things figured out it makes me swell with happiness! the fam on thier way over & I need 2 change & whatnot, are the 2 things I'm seriously pondering lately...

Do you think X year plans are a waste of time, or useful?

The other big thing I'm dwelling on is...

If u died 2day, what do u think ur legacy would be? And what is my legacy currently?

As always, your comments are appreciated!

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