Mar 6, 2010

Ready to ATTACK this weekend!

Quick update....

Getting packing done at an alarming rate, but NOT fast ENOUGH...for hubster and me. We r impatents!

Couldn't sleep really great last night, due to my excitement at moving, and it also didn't help that everytime I started to doze completely off I would wake up hacking and coughing. LEAVE ME ALONE UPPER RESPIRATORY SYSTEM! Then again, I was hootin' and hollerin' A LOT yesterday. (One of my buds from school graduated yesterday, and I was being silly with friends, being cooped up in a classroom on Fridays is MISERABLE! The good news is that starting next week, our class schedule is changing, so no more classroom on Fridays!)

Did a spiral perm with bender rods, and watched a few Paul Mitchell DVD's in class, along with learning a new color technique yesterday! It dawned on me that I do not have any pics of my school, so I took a few of the outside of the building, and I was walking to my vehicle on lunch, and spotted a cool photo concept, so I snapped that too!

Today feels like Christmas! We are ALMOST finished packing (my arms haven't fallen off yet!) and we are getting NEW mobile phones today! Goodbye Verizon Wireless! I HATE YOUR CRAPPY EMO PHONES AND SHITTY CUSTOMER SERVICE! Hello AT & T and IPhone!

The camera's supposed to be pretty decent on the Iphone, so I will add a pic later to this post...

Also, I felt the need to get pampered a bit, so I clocked out after lunch the other day (after getting my mani!) and got my hair did! I had A LOT of faded and root-age showing...that irritates me! So I need to post up a new pic of my 'do! My friend Heather that I go to school with ROCKED OUT my color & cut! It was EXACTLY perfect, and the shampoo was HEAVENLY!

OK...need to and get going...more soon my lovelies!

Another thought...I REALLY HOPE I get some time to see Alice In Wonderland this weekend! I have been waiting for it FOREVES, so just my luck that it comes out on the weekend we're moving! :'( WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!

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