May 26, 2010

Keeping It Real

So...this week has been BAD, really REALLY BAD. And it's only the wee hours of Wednesday morning as I type this. I try not to be a Debby Downer & maintain my good juju, but BOTH of my warding charms have SNAPPED IN HALF over the past two weeks, and this week has been off the charts when it comes to being CRAPTASTIC! Tire blew out, been arguing with hubby, construction makes traffic SUCK even MORE, people's snarky comments and attitudes are REALLY getting to me lately, Hubby & I are struggling to pay bills, have food, and put gas in our cars, and the repairs that we need on our vehicles we CAN'T AFFORD. Not to mention that my meds are breaking the bank, school seems to be stretching out taking an ETERNITY to get through, and it's impossible to get a job (and KEEP IT) with my school schedule.This is SUPPOSED to be a stellar year for my hubby & I. BUT It's just SUCKING right now. I just keep telling myself "Only 3 more months left of school" sometimes it seems SO QUICK, but lately it is just dragging on forever! I'm SO hard on myself, I feel so clumsy and slow compared to most everyone else in my classes. BUT...Crap on a Crap Cracker if I'm not trying my DAMNEST everyday when I'm in school! I am SUPER picky about the quality of my work, so I am "overly" analitical. This makes me SLOWER than most. I'm sick and tired of working SO HARD and being BROKE, or barely scraping by. EVERYONE has to throw out their own personal shitty ass opinion of EVERY situation I'm facing lately, and it's getting on my last nerve!

This weeks' just got me feeling beat down and broken, so...for this "Witching Hour" I'm going to throw myself a little pity party. "It Can't Rain All The Time," "This Too, Shall Pass," "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" insert whatever saying you usually use for these situations... My good juju isn't completely broken, just really bruised right now. I hope it heals in time for whatever tomorrow throws at me...

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