May 2, 2010

Without Further Ado

Where I Stood Sunday...Quite a few weeks in the making, but here is a shot of me in my old apartment:

The next shot is me at my new digs on our front porch:

So much more to write, but I want to get this posted before another quirk happens!

This site is my inspiration for this post, I will try to keep doing a Where I Stood post every Sunday, just like my friend Lynn! Check her site out here:


  1. Those are really cool pics girl! You could seriously do a coffee table book of pics just like that.....something to think about.....

  2. LOL!

    That's a great idea, I think that my friend's doing this already. The "Where I Stood" posts reference what she is doing. Check out her blog! You'll LOVE it! Lynn is SO talented and SUCH a sweetie!!

    Here's the Link: