May 24, 2010

Retracing My Steps

Funny how things in life work, I was thinking about life's patterns and the circles they take us, when I was driving out to visit my friend & the place I use to call "home" (for about 10 years) today. I stopped in my favorite local library, checked out a nice sized stack of books, went and visited with my best friend at her condo (which will always be my home away from home!) We went to our favorite coffee spot and BS-ed for several hours like it was just a several minutes. Our convos over a cuppa are LEGENDARY! I'm pretty sure that if we had a whole day to ourselves we could solve the energy crisis, find a way to make peace in the Middle East, and find the BEST deals on an outfit and a pair of shoes in 24 hours time...well, we would at least find an outfit and a pair of shoes! LOL! We talked today about "people's perceptions" and how they miss the most vital aspects of a person, more often than not! When people see my friend, most of them just hit the surface...tall, lithe, beautiful porcelain skin, and red hair to die for! What people tend to overlook is...she is MORE than just beautiful...she's smart, funny, forgiving, and she has a heart of gold. Also, we talked about the misgivings that people have about me, people aren't used to receiving complements, and generally having a stranger be nice to them. Which, is VERY depressing to me. Nowadays, if you SMILE at someone, or give them a compliment, most of the time they suspect that you're going to SELL them something.

Honestly? I have never had such a friend as my BFF. She's an inspiration to me, totally helps me focus, and brings out the best in me effortlessly. If you are fortunate enough to have someone like this in your life, treasure that friendship, and do everything in your power to not eff it up!

My friends are my muses. This particular friend, has given me the swift kick in the pants I need to really make something of myself in the decade or so that I have known her! She saved my life, when I was drowning in a fog of medication, she pulled me out of the water, and breathed new life into my very being. For all that she is to me, I decided to include her in my "Where I Stood" Sunday post.

Here is a pic of both of our feet, standing on her condo's front stoop. Some of my favorite memories happened on this little square patch of concrete.

I broke my own rule today, and walked out of the house in sandals & my feet not polished! :(

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